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Best 9Gag Clone Script

What's New In Best 9Gag Clone Script v29

More Addons:

Mobile Module

  • Automatic mobile device detection.
  • Browse all main pages and posts.
  • Signup / Login from mobile site.
  • Upload Posts
More information

Multi-Upload Module

  • Add unlimited posts with 1 click.
  • Manage poster/section/channel .. etc
  • Auto title and tags detection.
  • Lock a value for all posts
More information

Meme Maker Module

  • Full Users & Posts Integration.
  • Same Main Script Layout and Style
  • Loaded With 234 Ready Templates.
  • Powerful Administration Tools
More information

Amazon AWS S3

  • Works with all types of posts.
  • Applied to Featured and Popular posts.
  • Advanced security files check.
  • Maintenance System for All Posts or Single Post
More information

Blogs & Post Description

  • Blog posts integrated with main posts.
  • Description for Photo and Video posts
  • "See More" Feature to truncate text
  • Easily control "See More" Characters Limit.
More information

Disqus Integration

  • Disqus Comments in Single Post Pages.
  • Signin Using Disqus Account
  • Easy Turn on/off Switch
  • Mobile Site Support
More information

Private Messaging

  • Communicate privately with others.
  • Administrator control inbox size.
  • Save sent messages
  • Notifications for new messages
More information

Users Follow System

  • Follow / Unfollow users.
  • New tab for your fellows
  • instant followers count update
  • Notifications for new followers
More information

Vote For Visitors

  • Allow none members to vote.
  • Anti Cheat/Spam System
  • Easy Turn on/off Switch
  • Easy Installation Instructions
More information

Polls System

  • Easy inserting into templates.
  • Single or Multiple select answers
  • Administrator manual edit for votes count.
  • Members and Non-members voting with IP tracking for anti-cheat
More information

Trophies & Levels

  • Users get Levels and Ranks according to points.
  • Earn trophies according to points and levels.
  • Full administrator panel control
  • Trophies and levels in profile
More information


  • Upload more than 1 photo in the same post.
  • Eash photo is disabled in a single page.
  • Add / Edit Cover photo.
  • Thumbnails for all photos in each post.
More information

Affilaites System

  • Gain thousands of new websites visitors.
  • Full statics for both administrator and user.
  • Exchange page views with money.
  • PayPal & Skrill Payments
More information

Embed Code

  • Insert posts from ANY website.
  • Posts are held for moderation by default.
  • Control Code from Administrator Panel
  • Edit code paramters for Single post and main pages.
More information
  You don't need to be a rocket scientist to release the difference ! :)
  The original Best 9Gag Clone Script Other Scripts
  Main Script Features
World Class Code * -    
Automatic Installer -    
Photos Upload      
Videos Upload      
Converting GIFs to MP4      
Supported Video Networks 1 6 3
Sharing Networks Available 5 6 2
Fast Loading Sharing Options      
Report Posts      
Random Posts      
Facebook Comments      
Internal Comments System      
Static Pages      
User Profiles      
Search Engine      
Contact Form      
Channels (Categories)      
Auto Play/Stop GIFs      
Register Using Facebook      
Register Using Twitter      
Register Using Google+      
Register Using vk.com      
Importing Avatars from Social Networks      
Tags Cloud      
Unlimited Pages      
Google Captcha      
Are You A Human Captcha      
Automatic Posting To Facebook/Twitter Official Accounts -    
Infinite Sessions (Remember Me)      
Replacing /gag/ with something else. -    
Points System -    
Advanced Points System -    
Add Vines      
Advanced Vines.co Support      
Official Themes - 2 1
Logo Watermark      
Text Watermark      
Text Watermark Colors/Fonts      
Show/Hide Watermark      
Search Engine Optimization (SEO)      
Google Analytics      
Site Map -    
Automatic Site map Generation (Cron) -    
Posts Views      
Enable/Disable vote page for non-members -    
Enable/Disable Trending Page -    
News Letter Options -    
Enable/Disable Video Upload -    
Top Users      
Top Posts      
Fast Settings Widget      
Changing Home Page (Hot/Trending/Vote) -    
Smart Redirection      
NSFW ADS -    
Staff Members      
Moderators Panel -    
Ajax Next/Previous posts (Single Post Page)      
Full Right to Left Languages Support (Arabic, Persian, Hebrew) -    
Offline Mode -    
Photos in comments      
Multiple Categories      
HTTPS & HTTP protocols full support      
CDN Support (MaxCDN) -    
  Administrator Panel Features
Design and Graphics - High Low
Available Options and Controls - High Low
  Administrator Maintenance Services
Full MySQL backup -    
Posts: Delete Orphans Posts -    
Posts: Delete Non-complete Posts -    
Posts: Update Phases -    
Posts: Reset Likes / Dislikes -    
Posts: Reset Comments Count -    
Posts: Regenerate Media Files -    
Posts: Regenerate GIF Thumbnails -    
Users: Delete Non-complete Users -    
Users: Delete Non-Username Users -    
Users: Delete Non-Verified Users -    
Users: Reset Likes / Dislikes (Received) -    
Users: Reset Likes / Dislikes (Sent) -    
Users: Reset Posts Count -    
Users: Reset Comments Count -    
Users: Reset Points Count -    
Users: Reset Profile Pictures -    
Users: Reset Cover Pictures -    
Users: Reset Themes -    
Users: Reset Languages -    
Comments: Delete Orphans Comments -    
Comments: Reset Likes / Dislikes -    
Channels: Update Channels Posts Count -    
Watermark: Re-Print Watermark -    
  Add-ons and Extras
Mobile Module      
Meme Maker Module      
Internal Comments System      
Bulk Upload      
Amazon AWS S3      
Blogs & Description      
Disqus Comments and Signin      
Private Messages      
Users Follow System (Like Twitter)      
Visitors Voting      
Trophies & Badges      
Affiliates System      
Embed Code      
Free Installation -    
Free Server Configuration ** -    
  * Fully Optmizied without any PHP/Apache Notices, errors (Tested in PHP5.4 & PHP5.3 & PHP5.2). You can set your Apache and PHP error reporting to "Debug" and we bet you'll find a single error or a notice. That will hugely boost server performance for large traffic websites, and will save you many space occupied with error and notices logs.
  ** For WHM/Plesk/DirectAdmin/Fresh Servers only

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